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Late summer is always a slow time of year for gardening in the yard and a busy time for planting around the greenhouse.  As fall starts to ramp up we are going to try and post more specials, tips, and information to the website.  If you would like to subscribe to the updates, so that you will not have to keep checking for new posts there are a couple ways.  


1)I added a subscription link to the the horizontal links bar above with directions to subscribe to the RSS feed: Vern Goers Greenhouse RSS.  Also, in the feed page, under the actions section on the sidebar, you can get updates emailed to you by clicking on "Subscribe in Mail".

2) If you have a Google Account you can use Google Reader.  After you sign in, click on the "Add Subscribtion" button in the upper left hand corner and type in "Vern Goers Greenhouse" click Add.  When the list comes up click on the "Subscribe" button under the first item on the list (Vern Goers Greenhouse, Inc. Home).


If you have any questions leave a comment to this post or email us:

Christian Goers