Decorating for Fall

Every year you see the usual faces. You have the happy pumpkin that’s missing a few teeth, a scary pumpkin that's scowling at you, or maybe a surprised pumpkin with raised eyebrows. But what kind of pumpkin should yours be?

Who says you have to carve at all?

This year, there have been a lot of great ideas of what to do with pumpkins.  Not just carving them and sticking a candle in them, but using them as a decorative accent for your home this season.

And it’s not just pumpkins. Gourds, fallen leaves, straw bales, cornstalks, you name it; these inexpensive items can make a big impact on your fireplace mantel or as the centerpiece of your party.

Let’s start with the table. You’re having a dinner party and you don’t have a lot of time to waste on figuring out the centerpiece. No problem. Pick up a few mini-pumpkins, some interesting gourds, a couple of colored leaves from the tree in your yard and a bundle of bittersweet. 

Now take the mini pumpkins and use a paint marker to put the names of the guests on them.  Use these as festive place cards at the table.  Place the bittersweet either into one tall vase in the center of the table, or a few smaller vases that run along the table. You can scatter the leaves and gourds around the vase or vases. And you’re done!

You can also use mini-pumpkins as candle holders by using an apple corer to scoop out the top center of the pumpkin and place a small votive in there. Another way to use medium to large gourds and pumpkins is to cut off the top and scoop out the seeds, then either place tall pillar candles in these or use them as a vase for some fresh cut mums.

Using Indian corn on tables is also a great centerpiece for the season and very easy to use. Tying them up with fall ribbon always adds a great accent.

For your fireplace mantle, you can simply line the mantle with various shapes, sizes and colors of pumpkins and gourds, mixing in Indian corn in between.  Or if you have any large glass lanterns, jars or bowls, you can stack pumpkins inside of them for a different accent piece.

If you can’t find pumpkins that are different enough, don’t be afraid to paint a pumpkin black or a metallic color to add some variation.  You can also paint patterns and designs on them to mix it up a bit.

Now for outside your front door, where the guests arrive. The easiest way to make a big impact is using cornstalks and straw bales.  Use these to frame your door or porch by simply tying them up with some twine. You can add pumpkins and larger gourds around these or on top of the straw bales to make more of a splash. 

Also, if you have large urns and don’t have time to plant them, you can always stack pumpkins and gourds in there to create a unique container with a great fall look.

All of these items, as well as great hostess gifts and seasonal home decorations, can be found at Vern Goers Greenhouse throughout the fall season.

Christian Goers