The Greenhouse

A customer was nice enough to share this poem she found about a greenhouse--enjoy!


                            The Greenhouse                            

By Craig E. Sathoff


The greenhouse is a thrilling place          

Each season of the year,

But I especially like it

When spring at last is here.


The little boxes row on row

Of seedlings to be set

Provide the surest sign of spring

That I have noticed yet.


Tomatoes, phlox, and cabbages

And pansies, deepest blue,

And pepper plants and broccoli

Are waiting for me too.                                    


It's really rather hard to choose

The plant that I like best,

For each is lovely in its way

And different from the rest.


Petunias that I always plant

Along my garden way

Are there in every size and shape

And color bright and gay.Photos courtesy of Christian Goers


It always fills my heart with joy

And makes my spirits sing

To visit at the greenhouse shop             

When spring is blossoming.


Christian Goers