Spotlight On: Nicotiana

Common Names: Nicotiana or Tobacco Plant

Scientific Name: Nicotiana alata

Plant Type: Annual

Sun:  Full Sun to Part Shade

Water:  Moderate

Bloom Time:  Late Spring through Summer

Bloom Color: Various

Height: 8-16 inches

Wildlife:  Attract Hummingbirds

An annual flower that is as easy as it gets. Plant it. Water it. Done. No dead-heading or clipping back. They fill out beautifully, have a wonderful fragrance, and are one of the few flowers available in the color lime.

The five pointed flowers are trumpet shaped, with red, white, rose, pink, yellow, lime and lavender colors. The shape of the blossom makes it a great plant to attract hummingbirds. They bloom from early summer to fall and grow to be between 1-3 feet tall.

Nicotiana is great for using in the middle of flower beds or container gardens, adding height and texture to your combination.  The unique flower will fill out whatever space you give it and the shape of the flower will have people stopping to see what you planted.

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