Spotlight On: Dusty Miller

Common Names: Dusty Miller

Scientific Name: Senecio cineraria

Plant Type: Annual or Perennial

Zones: 8-10

Sun:  Sun or Part Shade

Water:  Medium

Foliage Color: Silver-white

Height: 12-18 inches

Wildlife: Deer Resistant

Dusty Miller is another great go-to for gardeners.  This plant is grown for its silvery-white foliage, yet can also have small white or yellow flowers bloom.  This is a great plant for filling in spots in your containers to add texture, color and height. 

Dusty Miller grows best in sun but can handle part shade.  It does well in both containers and garden beds, handling heat and draught very well, and never needing to be pruned.  It is also deer resistant.

It is a great way to make your garden or container pop, because the contrast it creates with other green foliage plants can really draw the eye. The shape of the leaves is also very unique and striking, with leaves that look feathery and are velvety to the touch.

Vern Goers Greenhouse carries Dusty Miller in flats and 4½ inch pots in both the Cirrus and Silver Dust varieties.  The difference between the two is the shape of the leaves.