Spotlight On: Coleus

Common Names:  Coleus

Scientific Name: Solenostemon scutellarioides

Zones: 10-11

Plant Type: Annual, Interior Plant, Perennial

Sun:  Part shade to Full Sun

Water:  Medium

Bloom Time:  Late Spring through Summer

Bloom Color: Lavender

Height:  1-3 feet (.5-1 meter)

Wildlife:  Flowers attract butterflies & hummingbirds

Coleus is an annual flower used in both flower beds and container gardens. Each plant is unique with different colored leaves and foliage that sprout a small blue cone-shaped flower in the center of the stem.

They are native to Africa and Asia and are a part of the mint and sage family, or the Lamiaceae family. You definitely need to keep these watered, because they wilt quickly if they are too dry. And they won't survive the cold! So if there's a possibility of a frost or freeze, you definitely want to cover them up.

Coleus is great because they are all so different, they grow fairly tall, and they add a ton of color and texture to any garden. If they get too tall or leggy, just cut them back and they will branch out from there.

These are a few of the coleus Vern Goers Greenhouse carries. While coleus can grow anywhere from full shade to full sun, it’s important to note that only certain varieties can tolerate full sun, so be sure to check the labels when shopping for them. We have coleus available in both flats of 36 plants, 6 packs, and 5-inch pots. For a list of the coleus that we grow, check here. We also grow a few varieties of Proven Winners’ coleus in 5-inch pots.