Spotlight On: Lantana

Common Names:  Lantana

Scientific Name: Lantana camara

Zones: 9-11

Plant Type: Annual, Tropical, Tender Perennial

Sun:  Full Sun

Water:  Medium

Bloom Time:  Summer to early fall

Bloom Color: Various

Height:  1-3 feet (.5-1 meter)

Wildlife:  Flowers attract butterflies & hummingbird

Lantana is widely popular among gardeners who are trying to attract butterflies, but others do not know too much about it.  This flower has a variety of foliage and blossom colors, giving you a very unique look in your garden.

A lot of lantana varieties have the plain green foliage, but others have a yellow and green variegated leaf.  Each bloom is made up of several smaller flowers.  These range from solid white to a mixture of pink to yellow, creating a striking blossom in your pots. With over 100 varieties of this flower, three are a lot to choose from.

While this plant is considered a shrub in warmer climates, here in the Midwest, it is a great plant for gardens and containers.  There are both upright and trailing varieties, making it ideal for any area.  In containers, the plant will remain somewhat smaller, but when put in the ground, they can grow quite large.

Know that lantana, like many plants, is poisonous if ingested.  It produces a small berry after each flower is done, and these are what can be harmful.  Simply deadhead the flowers once bloomed and there shouldn’t be any problems.