Spotlight On: Hostas

Common Names:  Hosta

Scientific Name: Hosta spp.

Zones: 3-8

Plant Type: Perennial

Sun: Full Shade to Part Sun

Water:  Medium

Bloom Time:  Late Summer

Bloom Color: White or Lavender

Height:  Various

Wildlife:  Flowers attract butterflies

A traditional favorite for gardeners of all skill levels, the hosta is a definite must have for the shadier spots in your yard.  Hostas are grown for their foliage, and with hundreds of varieties available, the choices are endless.

The foliage varies within the colors of green, blue, yellow, white and gold. The different varieties all have a different variegated leaf that gives the plant its variety name. For instance, Patriot is a hosta that has leaves with a green center and white edges, while Halcyon is a hosta with solid blue leaves.  (The blue color actually comes from a wax that covers the green leaves.) The varieties can also vary in size and shape of leaves, as well as size of plant.  Hostas also have white or lavender flowers that bloom during the summer.

One of the best parts about hostas is how easy they are to split.  Once a plant has grown fairly large, you can simply divide the plant with a shovel and transplant half of it to another part of your yard, or give it to a neighbor.

It is important to remember when watering hostas, to water underneath the leaves, at the base of the plant.  When water gets on top of the leaves, and sunlight hits it, this can burn the plant and leave spots.

If you should notice small holes in the leaves of your hostas, this is most likely slugs.  Using a product like Slug Magic can easily take care of these pests, and your hosta will recover.

For a list of the hostas Vern Goers Greenhouse typically carries, check our Perennials Page here, or feel free to wander through the shade arbors and see the wide variety we carry.