It's Time to Plant your Bulbs!

With the seasons changing and cooler weather on its way, it can only mean one thing: Bulb Time. We carry a wide variety of bulbs from the Netherlands and with so many to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

So, you ask, why bulbs?

Bulbs give you the first sign of Spring! At the end of the cold winter months, nothing gives you more hope than seeing the little green sprouts popping up around your yard.

Bulbs are reliable and always there.   Once planted, they will keep coming back!

Bulbs don’t need a great deal of maintenance.  Just a bit of bone meal or bulb-tone sprinkled into the soil, to fertilize them once a year.

Bulbs give you great color and texture to add to any spring or summer garden—some look quite exotic!

Bulbs are really a high end product for little cost and little time needed to get great results.


Christian Goers