Succulents, Bromeliads & More


Yesterday, before the blizzard, we got a great variety of plants in that have added loads of color and textures to the greenhouse.  Our first shipment of Rieger Begonias arrived, along with more kalanchoe and hydrangea.  

We also got beautiful bromeliads Bomeliads come i na variety of colors, from bright pinks and yellows to darker reds and purplesin 4" pots and 6" pots.  These are great houseplants that add a tropical feel and bright colors to your home. 

Frosted Ferns arrived as well in 4" pots.  These beautiful ferns have a unique texture and appear to have frost on the foliage.  A great plant for winter.

Finally, we got a great variety of succulents in both 2" and 4" pots.  These plants are great year round and have been growing in popularity the past few years.  During the colder months, when the plants are more dormant, they only need to be water once every few weeks, and only once a week during the spring and summer months.  They like light, but not necessarily direct sunlight, which is great for this time of year. Also, these should be in a sandy or rocky soil.  Typical potting soil is generaly too rich for these, so look for a cactus potting soil.

Come check out the new stock and more should be arriving soon!


Frosted Fern

Christian Goers