A Gardener's Gift Guide

Running out of original ideas for gifts this year?  Or maybe you need just a few more stocking stuffers? Here are a few ideas that will help you mix it up and keep your loved ones thinking of you as hey enjoy their gift:

Amaryllis or Paperwhite Bulb Kit: These kits come with everything you need, the bulb, the pot and the soil.  All they'll have to do is plant it, water it and watch it grow.  Measuring the growth each day makes a great project for kids during the winter months.

Cyclamen: These beautiful flowers have a great history to them with this holiday, being that they were the original Christmas flower.  In the 1950s, poinsettias became more popular during the holiday, but cyclamen have begun to make a comeback.

Christmas Cactus: One way to tell that Christmas is near is by seeing your Christmas Cactus bud.  These unique cacti bloom once to twice a year at Christmas and sometimes Easter.  They are not your typical cactus though, being as they are not prickly or spiny.

Jingle Bird Wind Chime:  These unique wind chimes are various birds that you can spot in your yard throughout the year. They make great gifts for birders and gardeners alike.

Thymes Frasier Fir Gift Set: Bring the smell of fresh greens into your home with the Frasier Fir line from Thymes.  They have candles, air freshner, soap, lotion and scented oil to bring the smell of the holidays indoors. Tucked in the right places, guests will never know your faux greens aren't real because they'll smell so good.

Bird Feeder & Seed: The little guys need to eat, too! Keep your garden active during the winter by placing bird feders and seed throughout your yard.  You'll have lots of visitors throughout the winter coming to snack on your seed.

Bonsai Tree: For those of us who want to keep our thumbs green throughout the winter, try a Bonsai. These small trees make unique gifts that everyone will be talking about.  Our on-staff expert Dan Kosta can help choose the right type of tree for the conditions it will be growing in. You could even buy a spot in Dan's Bonsai Styling Workshop this February for that someone special on your list.

Gardening Tools & Gloves: Every gardener knows you can always use another pair of gloves. After weeding, mulching, pruning and planting throughout the previous season, theirs are undoubtedly looking a little rough.  Along with gloves, you can never go wrong with a nice pair of new shears or pruners.  Keeping their equipment up to date will keep their garden looking good.

Fresh Greens Centerpiece: A great hostess gift, giving a centerpiece for the dinner table will add a lot of cheer to the party.  These centerpieces just need to be watered, much like any plant, and they will last throughout all the holiday parties and into January.

Holiday English Garden Basket: These indoor gardens not only make great centerpieces for parties, but they keep you gardening throughout the winter. English Garden Baskets are a mix of green and flowering houseplants athat are arranged into a larger basket.  They will add a little bit of color to your home throughout the year, being able to change out the various plants for others as the seasons change.

Classic Red Poinsettia...or maybe one of the new colors like Tapestry or Sparkling Punch: Nothing says the holidays quite like a poinsettia. There's the classic red that you can never go wrong with, but in the past few years there are a lot of new colors as well.  Tapestry is a variegated leaf, red poinsettia that catches everyones eye.  Other newer colors include pink peppermint, ice punch nd sparkling punch. The punch colors are red and pink blooms that appear to have ice crackling on the petals.

Gift Card to Vern Goers Greenhouse: This is the gift that keeps on giving! Whether they come in and use it during the winter, or save it until spring, when they use it they will be thinking of you. Maybe they need a new pair of gloves or new perennial to add to their shady spot in the yard.  Let them do the hard work of deciding what to get!


Christian Goers