Charlotte's Glorious Garden

Eight years ago, Charlotte Cziperle was approached to organize the plant sale for the 2006 Glorious Gardens fundraiser, she couldn’t help but wonder why they chose her.

“I couldn’t even grow a marigold,” says Charlotte.  With very little knowledge on gardening, Charlotte put together a great plant sale that featured some of the plants that attendees viewed in the gardens they visited.  Vern Goers Greenhouse was involved in that fundraiser and after seeing the beautiful flowers sold and speaking with the greenhouse staff, Charlotte was inspired.

She began spending two to three hours a day working on her garden.  She started by drawing out designs for new garden beds, a deck, patio, pergola and an outdoor fireplace.

With a lot of hard work, Charlotte went from organizing Glorious Gardens to having one of her own. Once the framework was in, it was up to Charlotte to plant up the beds and containers to really finish up decorating her new outdoor living space.

“All of your employees were so helpful when I came in,” says Charlotte.  Now she can not only grow a marigold, but puts together beautiful combinations throughout her yard.

Charlotte has 96 pots and containers strategically placed throughout her yard.  Each one is filled with simple combinations, but when they are all put together, they create an amazing ambiance.

“The key is to fertilize,” says Charlotte.  And it pays off.  Her pots produce huge, healthy plants that add a lot of color and texture to her outdoor space. 

Each pot is kept uncomplicated, with only a few plants in it depending on the size.  Then, with routine water and fertilizer, these basic pots fill up and flow out, creating beautiful, massive plantings. It is a smart way to garden, because each of these plants is getting sufficient growing space and all their needs met, so they produce wonderfully for Charlotte.

Charlotte arranges the pots by size to create larger displays in her yard.  Alone the plant may seem simple, but when combined with others, they create a beautiful arrangement. 

Vern Goers Greenhouse is proud to have Charlotte as a customer, creating beautiful works with our plants.  Thanks again Charlotte for sharing your beautiful garden with us! See you this spring!

To view all the photos of Charlotte's Garden, check out her album here.

Feeling inspired by Charlotte’s story, but don’t know where to start?  Each May we have Pot with the Experts Nights where our designers can help teach you the proper design techniques and care guidelines for flowers.  These take place every week, Tuesday-Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  They are free to attend and for more information check out our events page or feel free to call us 630-323-1085.

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