Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gardeners

Cyclamen: Not only does this beautiful flower continue blooming throughout the winter, but its beautiful patterned foliage will add beautiful greens, sages and silvers to your home. The key to cyclamens is sunlight. They want direct sunlight or a very bright room, so southern exposure is best this time of year.

Bonsai Tree: These trees make a great accent piece that will keep the gardener you love practicing their gardening skills throughout the year. Just like a relationship, Bonsai Trees need tender love and care to continue growing, and Saturday, February 18,  Vern Goers Greenhouse will be hosting a workshop to help teach beginners the do’s and don’ts of Bonsai.

Azalea: A great choice for a houseplant this time of year, azaleas bring instant spring to any room that they’re in. The key with these beautiful flowers is water. They like to be watered about every other day.

English Garden Basket: These beautiful arrangements are like an indoor garden to hold any gardener over throughout the winter. They not only add green to your home, but the various plants and flowers add color, texture, and many more benefits to your home. There will also be a free class on creating English Garden Baskets on March 17.

Vern Goers Greenhouse Gift Card: Your gardener can use this during this winter for a little dose of spring, or this summer. Either way, they will be thinking of you while they plant their selections and each time they see those flowers.

Christian Goers