Spotlight On: Cleome

Common Names:  Cleome

Scientific Name:  Cleome hasslerana

Plant Type: Annual, though they often reseed themselves

Sun:  Full Sun, Light Shade

Water: Drought Tolerant, but grows better if watered well

Bloom Time:  Early Summer to Mid Fall

Bloom Color: Pinks, Rose, White, Purple

Height:  4-6 Feet

Wildlife:  Flowers attract butterflies & hummingbird

A great plant for the Fourth of July, Cleome is also known as the Sparkler or Spider Flower for its unique blooms.  This is a true summer flower that is drought tolerant and handles the heat well. A low maintenance plant that will often re-seed itself to come back again next year, cleome adds height and texture to any garden.

Cleome are typically very pest and disease resistant, though with their height they may need to be protected by the wind with use of stakes or cages. 

These also make great cut flowers, though the foliage has a unique scent that can be unpleasant to some.


Christian Goers