Valentines for Gardeners


1. Cyclamen: Not only does this beautiful flower continue blooming throughout the winter, but its beautiful patterned foliage will add beautiful greens, sages and silvers to your home when its blooms are done.  The key to cyclamens is sunlight. They want bright indirect sunlight so southern exposure is best this time of year.  Cyclamens like it cooler, so be sure to keep them away from heating vents or in warm rooms. (Pictured)

2. Bonsai Tree: These trees make a great accent piece that will keep the gardener you love practicing their gardening skills throughout the year. Just like a relationship, Bonsai Trees need tender love and care to continue growing. Our on-staff Bonsai expert, Dan Kosta, can help you with your selection and any questions you may have about these beautiful trees.

3. Azalea: A great choice for a houseplant this time of year, azaleas bring instant spring to any room that they’re in.  The key with these beautiful flowers is water.  They like to be watered about every other day. With enough water, these flowers will bloom for several weeks. (Pictured)

4. Amaryllis:  These bulbs produce huge, beautiful blooms that will catch the eye of the gardener in your life. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, but sometimes the stunningly simple red is best; after all, it is the color of love. 

5. English Garden Basket: These beautiful arrangements are like an indoor garden to hold any gardener over throughout the winter.   They not only add green to your living room, but the various plants and flowers add color, texture, and add many health benefits to your home.

6. Seeds: Getting a head start on spring planting by starting seeds indoors keeps those green thumbs happy.  Some seeds that are easy to grow indoors include flowers like pansies, herbs like rosemary and chives, and even some vegetables like tomatoes.

7. Gardening Tools: A staple to every gardener’s toolbox, a great pair of clippers, gloves, pruners, and a good hand trowel are all supplies we need. Every gardener knows how quickly they can wear out a pair of gloves or dull a set of pruners, so we’re always looking for an extra pair.

8. Stained Glass Artwork: We are proud to carry pieces of A Touch of Glass by Amy Potvin here at our store.  She creates beautiful artwork to hang in windows that captures the bright sunlight from outdoors and brings it inside.  From flowers to snowflakes to hummingbirds, she has something for everyone. Perfect for Valentine’s Day are her new heart pieces.

9.  Bird Feeder & Seed: Many gardeners appreciate the work birds can do for them in their garden. From insect control to pollinating, they work hard for us and add beauty to our gardens. So it’s only fair to give back a little, especially during the winter months when food can be scarce. A great feeder with different types of seed will help keep them coming back to your gardener’s yard.

10. Vern Goers Greenhouse Gift Card:  Your gardener can use this during this winter for a little dose of spring, or this summer.  Either way, they will be thinking of you while they plant their selections and each time they see those flowers.