Celebrating 47 Years in Hinsdale

Vern with grandaughters Kim & Sarah

This August, we are proud to celebrate 47 years of business in Hinsdale!  A lot has changed over time, but we are so grateful to our wonderful customers who have kept us in business for all these years. It is amazing to see the children and grandchildren of our first customers coming in to our store as well as new families starting the tradition of coming to Goers. 

The Goers family has been in the greenhouse business for four generations. Albert Goers started the first Goers Greenhouse in LaGrange. It was there that Vern Goers grew up, worked and was exposed to the greenhouse business. He eventually went on to start a business of his own and he purchased a small greenhouse in Hinsdale, IL.  The property consisted of a house and three glass greenhouses that were originally built in 1919.  More greenhouses have been added around the original three, since the Goers Family took over in 1966.

A young Phil GoersVern's son Phil worked for his father, went on to study horticulture and business at Northern Illinois University, and returned to the business after school.  After working side by side for many years, Vern retired and Phil took over the business in the late eighties.

The fourth generation, Phil's children, were raised working their summers and busy May weekends at the greenhouse as well.   Christian, Sarah and Kim have all returned after attending Purdue University to help Phil manage the greenhouse. 

 Over the years, many Goers family members have worked at the greenhouse. Many customers fondly remember Vern's sister Lorainne who made bows and designed arrangements for many years.  Vern's daughter Mary has also worked at the greenhouse for many years, keeping up the family tradition.

This past Spring, the Goers family was proud to welcome the fifth generation with the birth of their first grandchild, Noelle Elizabeth.  It won't be long until she's watering, weeding and spending her summers at the greenhouse, too.

The Fifth Generation: Noelle ElizabethA young Christian Goers

Christian Goers