Meet Our Customers: Paulette

Each spring we love assisting you all with making your plant selections and designing containers, and now we want to see what you've done! Goers is excited to be starting a new monthly series that gives our customers a chance to show off their gardens. Goers Greenhouse is looking to feature some of our best customers each month on our blog.  We want to share your photos of your beautiful garden and containers and hear about your garden story. 

This month we are happy to feature Paulette. She is an experienced gardener who is still perfecting her craft with each season.

How long have you been shopping at Goers? 

Probably about +20 years. 

What do you like most about the greenhouse? 

I love the quality of the flowers as well as the variety of perennials offered. The staff is also extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  The perennial section is designed in a natural way and makes me feel like I am walking through their garden.

What’s your favorite season for your garden? 

My garden looks best in late spring or early summer and I have planted things that bloom at different times just to keep color going. I have also tried to vary the heights of plants too. My garden remains a work in progress.  

What’s your favorite plant & why? 

I struggle to name just one plant, as each has its beauty . I love astilbes because they appear delicate yet hold their own in wind and heat. They also last a long time and bring an interest to the landscape even past their bloom. Clematis are special and I try to have 2 variety per trellis. Their colors can be intense, while I find the flower shapes on different varieties fascinating.  

What’s one word you would use to describe your garden? 


What do you most enjoy about gardening?

I enjoy the ongoing excitement that a garden brings. Does the garden look as designed? Did each plant survive the winter? What are the rabbits eating this year? What new plants should I try and where should they go? It is a joy to walk the gardens every day and watch what is happening, what is blooming, etc. Gardening allows me to enjoy the smell of things, get dirty without feeling guilty, and mostly allows me to take the time to soak up some peace and serenity. It also has taught me patience, because despite what I may want, Mother Nature always wins.

Christian Goers