Halloween Tricks or Treats

As Halloween approaches, we want to share a few sweet Gardening treats with all of you. These simple hacks are some of the favorite ones we have heard of and will make gardening easier for you:

  1. Get sweeter tomatoes by adding baking soda to your soil. Find out how here.
  2. Here at the greenhouse, we use pieces of broken terra cotta pots or extra cocoa liner to help prevent soil from spoiling out the bottom of containers.  At home, line your pots with coffee filters to prevent soil from pouring out the bottom of the pots. The absorbent liners also help with retaining moisture for less watering.
  3. Keep your plants watered when you’re out of town with a paper towel and a glass of water. Here's how
  4. Want an inexpensive wall planter? Try using a shower hanger with cocoa liner or felt, like this one.
  5. Use a shoe organizer for a vertical garden. These work  great for herbs and flowers alike.   Here's an example
  6. Hate getting dirt under your nails? Scratch a bar of soap before gardening to prevent dirt from getting under your nails.  When you come in to wash your hands, your nails will be sparkly clean.
  7. Another self-watering trick: Use old wine bottles for self-watering containers. Here's how
  8. Make a watering can from leftover milk jugs by following these  instructions
  9. Add vodka to your vase of fresh cut flowers to make them last longer. The reason why this works is explained here
  10. To prevent the line on your string trimmer from jamming or breaking, treat with a spray vegetable oil before installing it in the trimmer.
  11. The quickest way in the world to dry herbs: just lay a sheet of newspaper on the seat of your car, arrange the herbs in a single layer, then roll up the windows and close the doors. Your herbs will be quickly dried to perfection. What's more, your car will smell great.
  12. Make a quick tower garden with terra cotta pots of varying sizes. Check out how to make one of these here
  13. Another vertical planter with terra cotta pots can be made by following these instructions.
  14. Use car wax to grease garden tools that are getting a little sticky.
  15. Have slug issues?  Place a shallow dish of beer out in the evening.  The next morning it will be filled with slugs.  Simply toss them out in the garbage from there.
Christian Goers