Meet Our Customers: Nancy K.

Each spring we love assisting you all with making your plant selections and designing containers, and now we want to see what you've done! Goers is excited to be starting a new monthly series that gives our customers a chance to show off their gardens. Goers Greenhouse is looking to feature some of our best customers each month on our blog.  We want to share your photos of your beautiful garden and containers and hear about your garden story. 

How long have you been shopping at Goers?

I have been shopping at Vern Goers only for 1 year

What do you like most about the greenhouse?

What I like most about your greenhouse is that all your plants and flowers are healthy and well taken care of

What’s your favorite season for your garden?

My favorite season for my garden is Spring

What’s your favorite plant & why?

My favorite plant is the tomato plant simply because I have had very good luck with growing a good crop each year

What’s one word you would use to describe your garden?

Small but full of color and very garden like with the combination of annual and perennial flowers and plants as well as vegetables 

What do you most enjoy about gardening?

I love watching all my plantings bloom and flourish 


Interested in being next month's featured customer?  Contact us here and let us know!

Christian Goers