New Plants for 2014

Bratzella Itoh PeonyEach year we like to bring new varieties and colors of our favorite plants to our customers. This year is no different.  From the newest colors of Proven Winners to a few new tomatoes and peppers, we have a great selection of new plants to mix in with your old favorites.

This year, we are excited to introduce a few new varieties of perennials that are some of the best on the market. The first of these perennials we will be selling is Itoh Peonies.  These peonies are a hybrid between woody tree peonies and herbaceous peonies. They take more of a shrub like appearance with strong stems that do not need staking. Itoh peonies have large, strong blooms that come in a variety of exotic colors and have extended blooming periods that come in multiple waves.  Once these plants are established, they can produce up to thirty blooms each season. 

Another variety of perennials we are proud to be carrying this season are Spotlight Hollyhocks. Most Alcea rosea are biennials, meaning that they bloom every other year.  This new spotlight series, however, bloom every year, giving you beautiful hollyhocks year after year.

The third great perennial that we are carrying this Daring Deception Daylilyyear will be the 500 Series Hemerocallis, or Daylily.  These daylilies are known for the number of blooms they produce each season Stella d'Oro is one of the most popular daylilies on the market for its abundant blooms, but our 500 series hemerocallis bloom two to three times more than these.  Once established, these daylilies can produce more than 500 blooms each season, and they are available in a variety of colors. 

The final perennials we are introducing this year are two hostas that have been paired up with great organizations.  When you purchase the "Remember Me" hosta, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This organization helps raise awareness and raises funds to help fight breast cancer.  The hosta itself is a beautiful one that grows to about 15" in height and blooms midsummer. Its colorful leaves change color as the season progresses, from a bright yellow  with blue-green margins to a milder cream with green margins.

The second hosta is called "American Hero" and by purchasing this hosta, you'll be helping support military families throughout the United States.  A portion of your purchase is donated to GreenCare for Troops which is sponsored by Project Evergreen. GreenCare for Troops helps provide free lawncare and landscape services to military families.  The hosta "American Hero" grows to be about 12" tall, blooming lavender flowers midsummer. Its Superbells Pomegranate Punch from Proven Winnersleaves have wide, dark green margins with cream to pure white centers.   

We also have a great variety of new tomatoes and peppers to try out in the garden this year. Heirloom tomatoes like Abe Lincoln, Box Car Willie, Tomatillo and peppers like Muscato Orange, Purple Mertlor, Yolo Wonder, Serrano del Sol and Santaka Hot Asian.  Another pepper to look forward to biting into this summer is Cute Stuff Gold, baby yellow bell peppers.

Finally, there a lots of new colors available in some of our most popular Proven Winners plants. From the new Flamingo Supertuniaand Pomegranate Punch Superbells to the Cinnamon Curls Heuchera, there are lots of new colors to choose from with your old favorites.

Get adventurous this year and try something new! Happy Planting!

Christian Goers