Spotlight On: Hollyhocks

Our Spotlight Series continues to highlight different plants that are a great addition to any garden. Some you may know and others may be completely new to you.


Scientific Name: Alcea rosea

Common Name: Hollyhocks

Plant Type: Perennial

Sun: Sun

Water:  Moderate

Bloom Time:  Summer

Bloom Color: Blue, Pink, Red, White, Yellow, Purple

Height:  1 to 10 feet

Hollyhocks are a great perennial to add as an accent to any garden.  With beautiful blooms stacked on tall stalks, these flowers will not only attract butterflies and hummingbirds, but the eye of anyone who passes by your garden.

Hollyhocks can be started from seed or from starter plants. If you are starting with seeds, it is best to sow them outside a week before the last frost. If you start with plants, it is best to wait until two or three weeks after the last frost.

You will want to find a place in your yard that gets a lot of sun and has rich, well-drained soil. Most varieties are a biennial, meaning that they only grow foliage the first year and flower the second year.  While they are a short lived perennial, it is recommended to plant hollyhocks in groups to help with reseeding. 

There are some newer varieties that are more of a traditional perennial, meaning you’ll have flowers every year.  The Spotlight series is one of these varieties that is carried at Vern Goers Greenhouse and pictured above.

Happy Planting!


Christian Goers