Spotlight On: Zinnias


Scientific Name: Zinnia elegans

Common Name: Zinnias

Plant Type: Annual

Sun: Sun

Water:  Moderate

Bloom Time:  Summer

Bloom Color: Multi-color, Red, White, Yellow, Pink, Coral, Orange, Green

Height:  1 to 8 feet

Zinnias are beautiful annuals that bloom all summer long in sunny gardens.  Whether you start them from seed or already started plants, you will be guaranteed to have butterflies all summer long.

Zinnias are a daisy-like blooms that come in a variety of colors and shapes. From the most common zinnias that almost look like dahlias with layer of petals, to profusion zinnias that have a single layer of petals, to cactus zinnias that have curled, pointed petals, they are all beautiful. They also come in a variety of heights, from dwarf zinnias that grow to be about eight inches in height to the taller varieties that grow to be six feet in height.

If you are starting your zinnias from seed, sow seeds three to four weeks before the last frost, and if you are starting them from already started seedlings, plant them two weeks after the last frost date. They are tender with cooler temperatures, so be sure to watch the overnight lows during the first few weeks planted and cover if there is a possibility of frost.

Finally, when watering zinnias, be sure to water at the base of the plants and avoid getting the foliage wet.  This will help prevent any disease such a mildew from occurring, which can often occur with zinnias that do not have proper air circulation and are over watered.  Don’t be afraid to let the soil dry out a little bit in between waterings to help prevent any diseases.

Christian Goers