Spotlight On: Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

Scientific Name: Buddleia

Common Name: Butterfly Bush

Plant Type: Perennial

Sun: Sun

Water:  Moderate

Bloom Time:  Summer

Bloom Color: Blue, Pink, Red, White, Purple

Height:  3 to 10 feet

Butterfly Bushes are a great perennial that brings butterflies and hummingbirds to any garden.  The beautiful flower spikes smell wonderful to both butterflies and people, so everyone can enjoy these plants.

Their arching shape adds a unique look to any garden, with blooms that range in color from blue, pink, red, violet, yellow and white.  The overall size of the bush depends on the variety you purchase.  There are dwarf varieties that grow to be about three feet tall, while larger varieties grow to be ten feet tall.

To grow a healthy plant, find a sunny spot in your yard with moist, well-drained soil. Keep pruning the flowers as they finish blooming, or use them as cut flowers in a vase. 

Butterfly bushes are a perennial in the Midwest, but they can be tender perennials.  To be sure they make it through the winter, spread mulch up to six inches deep at the base of the plant.  The plant will die back but will come back the next spring.

Christian Goers