Spotlight On: Celosia

Spiked or Candlestick CelosiaOur Spotlight Series returns to highlight different plants that are a great addition to any garden. Some you may know and others may be completely new to you.


Scientific Name: Celosia

Common Name: Cockscomb

Plant Type: Annual

Sun: Sun

Water:  Moderate

Bloom Time:  Late Spring through Fall

Bloom Color: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow

Height:  1-8 feet

Celosia are a beautiful family of flowers that are showy and spectacular all summer long. There are several varieties of this beautiful annual that give you bright color all the way until frost. Each variety has a different shaped bloom, either being a plume, crest or a spike. No matter what the shape of the flower is, they do best while planted in full sun and are low maintenance plants.

Celosia come in a variety of colors, most commonly red, pink, orange and yellow, all of which are a glowing, neon-like color. The plume varieties look like feathers, while the crest shaped celosia are more twisted in shape, almost resembling actual cockscombs like the nickname implies.  The third variety, spike celosia, are similar to little candlesticks coming out of the foliage.

Celosia are great for hot, summer containers or gardens, because they are drought tolerant and love the heat.  They do not need to be deadheaded and make a great impact in any garden.  With such little maintenance required, and such bold blooms, celosia are a wonderful choice for your garden beds and containers.

Christian Goers