Spotlight On: Perennial Hisbiscus

Perennial Hibiscus

Scientific Name: Hibiscus

Common Name: Hibiscus

Plant Type: Perennial

Sun: Sun

Water:  Keep moist

Bloom Time:  Mid Summer through Fall

Bloom Color: Pink, Red, White

Height:  3 to 15 feet

When most people hear the word “Hibiscus,” they think of the tropical plant that many people use in their containers and the bright, beautiful colors it has.  There is another variety of hibiscus, that while not as popular, it is just as spectacular.

Perennial hibiscuses are larger plants then their tropical relatives, growing to be as tall as 15 feet.  They have huge blooms, often

six to eight inches in diameter, that may only last a day, but are abundant from mid-summer through the fall. Blooms range in color from pure white to deep red or bicolor.

Much like their tropical relatives, perennial hibiscus should be planted in an area with lots of sun.  They like to be kept in moist soil, but not soaking wet. 

No matter where you plant them in your garden, know that they do not begin to emerge from their dormant winter state until late May or early June.  So while the rest of your garden is getting started, you will have to wait to see your hibiscus until the soil has really warmed up.


Christian Goers