Spotlight On: Rudbeckia


Scientific Name: Rudbeckia

Common Name: Black Eyed Susan, Brown Eyed Susan

Plant Type: Perennial

Sun: Sun, Part Sun

Water:  Moderate

Bloom Time:  Mid-Summer through Autumn

Bloom Color: Orange, Yellow, Gold, Red, Bronze, Rust

Height:  1 to 6 feet

Rudbeckia, or black-eyed Susan as they’re more commonly known, are a beautiful perennial that will brighten your garden from mid-summer through the fall.  While they are a common perennial, they should not be overlooked. Planting a mass of these beauties in your garden will ensure a brilliant show come August.

Rudbeckia come in a variety of heights and colors, giving you lots of options on were to plant them.  They can grow anywhere from one to six feet in height, and as long as you have plenty of sun, these natives will do well in your garden. 

No matter the variety, rudbeckia have a daisy-like flower with a dark brown or purple center surrounded by petals in golden hues. They are drought tolerant and disease resistant as well as a great flower for butterfly gardens. Rudbeckia are great cut flowers, usually lasting for three weeks after they are cut.

With their low-maintenance and guaranteed beauty, rudbeckia are a great choice for beginning and veteran gardeners alike.

Christian Goers