Meet Our Customers: Angie & Matt Larson

Each spring we love assisting you all with making your plant selections and designing containers, and now we want to see what you've done! Goers is excited to be starting a new monthly series that gives our customers a chance to show off their gardens. Goers Greenhouse is looking to feature some of our best customers each month on our blog.  We want to share your photos of your beautiful garden and containers and hear about your garden story. 
Our first customers are Matt & Angie Larson from LaGrange. They are new Goers customers who have taken a very creative approach to growing their garden.


How long have you been shopping at Goers? 

1 year.  We just moved to the area this past winter.  

What do you like most about the greenhouse? 

I really like the large selection of tomato and pepper plants.

What’s your favorite season for your garden? 

All of the seasons – from planting, to seeing the plant germinate, to watching them grow, to harvesting, and then planning for the next year.

What’s your favorite plant & why? 

Tomatoes--we love having fresh tomatoes for meals, especially caprese salads with heirloom tomatoes.  My wife also does a lot of canning--stewed tomatoes, pizza sauce, and salsa.  We love having tomatoes for the winter.  

What’s one word you would use to describe your garden?

Tall.  We don't have a huge backyard, so I did a lot of vertical gardening.  After researching different options this winter, I built 10-foot tall trellises out of conduit and netting.  Not many people can say they need a ladder to pick their squash!  


If you are interested in being featured on our blog, feel free to contact us here, or stop in and speak with Sarah or Debbie


Christian Goers