Spotlight On: Spring Bulbs Part 2


Common Name: Onion, Chives, Garlic

Scientific Name: Allium

Plant Type: Perennial

Sun: Sun

Bloom Time:  Late Spring to Summer

Bloom Color: Blue, Purple, Pink, White

Height:  6 inches to 3 feet

Alliums are a part of the onion family, and add a whimsical flower to any garden in both spring and summer.  There a several varieties of alliums available that range in flower size, height and bloom time. 

Alliums are clustered, sparkler-like flowers that sit on a thick green stem above the hedge-like foliage.  Alliums like sunny areas with well-drained soil. They are resistant to deer, rabbits, squirrels and the rest of the rodents, so no worries about them disappearing from where you planted them.



Common Name:

Plant Type: Perennial

Sun: Sun, Part Sun

Bloom Time:  Late Winter, Early Spring

Bloom Color: Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White

Height:  2 to 4 inches

Crocuses are one of the first spring bulbs to emerge from the cold winter’s ground. The tiny, cup-like flowers add splashes of yellow, purple, white or yellow to your yard. They are a low-growing bulb, so plant in front of beds, with taller bulbs behind them for contrast.  These bulbs are also resistant to rodents and deer.












Scientific Name: Hyacinthus

Plant Type: Perennial

Sun: Sun, Part Sun

Bloom Time:  Early Spring

Bloom Color: Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow, White

Height:  1 to 2 feet

Hyacinths are a beautiful spring bulb that vary in sizes and colors based on the variety you’re planting. Tiny grape hyacinths are much smaller than a traditional hyacinth that is a much larger flower.  Hyacinths have a wonderful fragrance and look great when planted in masses. 

If you are planting hyacinths in your garden beds, plant these towards the front as they do not grow quite as tall as other bulbs such as tulips. These are also great bulbs for forcing indoors during the winter.


Christian Goers