Easy Bloompads for Planting Bulbs

Fall is a time for planting; planting everything from perennials, to shrubs to your spring bulbs.  This year, Vern Goers Greenhouse is offering a new way to plant your bulbs, with the Easy Bloompad.


The biodegradable pad makes planting your spring bulbs easy, quick and clean. On each bloompad, bulbs have been pre-spaced, so all you need to do is dig a hole where you want them to pop up next spring.  Then place the bloompad into the hole, and cover with soil. 


Depending on the type of flower and the size of the bulb, there may be anywhere from seven to twenty bulbs in each bloompad.  The size of the pads also make them easy to plant in pots and containers for anyone with limited garden space.  Just be sure to protect your pots from the cold winter temperatures by keeping them in a cool, dark place indoors.

In case you are more traditional and enjoy making your own combinations of spring bulbs, however, Vern Goers Greenhouse is still carrying the traditional bags of bulbs that you can purchase and mix together as you please.


Christian Goers