Top 5 Orange Flowers

Our color series continues with orange. 

1. Lantana: Lantana is a flower you will hear everyone at the greenhouse recommend to customers with sunny, hot gardens. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors, usually bi-colored blooms. The orange is a vibrant color that pops in any container it’s placed in. Butterflies, hummingbirds and more pollinators are attracted to these as well, and they are very easy to grow.

2. New Guinea Impatiens: These flowers do well in most light conditions, though the more sun they get, the more water they will need.  New Guinea Impatiens come in a range of colors, but the orange is definitely a favorite among gardeners. It’s a larger bloom that pops against the dark foliage and can make shadier areas of your garden pop. They are a tropical plant, however, so be sure to plant them after the last chance of frost.

3. Zinnia: Zinnias are a classic choice for any garden. They are easy to grow from seed, fast growers and low maintenance. Give them a sunny spot and water and they will produce beautiful blooms all summer long.  They come in pinks, whites, reds and yellows, but they have a beautiful orange color as well.  A unique hue for any garden wanting to present warmer, summer oclors.

4. Helenium: Helenium, or sneeze weed, is a great perennial that comes in the warmer color tones as well.  The flower resembles a cross between a coneflower and a gaillardia, and will not fail to produce beautiful blooms for you in the late summer and fall.  Often, its petals look as if they were handpainted, making the beautiful orange colors a unique addition to any garden.

5. Red Hot Poker: This is another great perennial that every garden should have.  A favorite of hummingbirds, the Red Hot Poker has distinctive bloom with architectural features.  The flower is a spike shape that is made up of smaller tubular blooms, creating great spots for hummingbirds to come and grab nectar. They’re also deer and drought resistant, and very low maintenance. Give them a sunny spot in the garden and they will put on a show.

Christian Goers