Top 5 Blue Flowers

Flowers come in every color imagineable, but there are not a lot of truly blue flowers to plant in your garden.  Here are our Top 5 Blue Flowers:

1. Black & Blue Salvia: This is also known as Black & Blue Sage, it is an annual salvia that entrances gardeners with its deep blue spikes of flowers, as well as hummingbirds. It loves the sun and is drought tolerant. It is a taller flower that fills in well throughout the season and looks great in container gardens.

2.  Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not): This happy, little flowers are perennials that come back year after year in the springtime.  Forget-me-nots are small, delicate flowers that come in blue, pink and white. The light blue flowers with small yellow centers are a favorite for a spring garden. They are shorter plants, making a great edging in your garden, and they reseed generously.

3. Evolvus: This is a great blue flower that has become popular in the past few years, as it grows well in the summer and is drought tolerant.  It has a trailing habit that does well for containers and hanging baskets.  It needs a lot of sunlight, so choosing a sunnier spot in your garden is best. 

4. Pansies & Violas: These flowers are a sure sign of spring and one of the few truly blue flowers.  Their large blooms bring lots of color to any garden after a long winter.  Violas are smaller and more delicate than pansies, but both have beautiful shades of blue blooms in addition to their many other colors. They are hardy in cold weather and are some of the earliest flowers you can plant. They do not do well in the heat, however, so in the summer heat, it is best if they only get morning sun and are kept well watered. 

5. Lobelia: Lobelia are beautiful annuals that have two different growing habits depending on the variety.  Some lobelia have a mounding habit and do well around the edges of gardens, while others have a trailing habit and do best in containers and hanging baskets.  They need light to flower best, but preferably the morning sun as they can get fried up in the heat of the day

Christian Goers