Top 5 Purple Flowers

Our color series continues with our favorite purple flowers.

1. Petunia: The petunia is one of the most common annuals used in Midwest gardens, and for good reason.  The large and bountiful blooms are easy to grow and can fill out any container, hanging basket or garden bed.  There are many varieties of petunias which all have different habits.  Wave petunias are one of our favorites for garden beds, as they spread and fill out the bed, covering it in the large colorful flowers.  Another favorite among customers are Proven Winners’ Supertunias, as they do not need to be deadheaded and trail beautifully over any container.  Whichever variety you choose to grow, you will no doubt find a bold, beautiful purple as a color choice.  Be sure to plant them in a sunny location and they will bloom all summer long.

2. Mexican Heather: This exotic annual is also known as cuphea, and is one of the best plants for a hot and sunny summer garden.  The small lavender flowers look lacy and delicate, but they are strong bloomers all summer long. Other than watering Mexican heather, there is no maintenance required.  It is drought tolerant and will not disappoint you.  These plants can even be brought in during the winter months and placed in a southern exposure, and they will bloom as a houseplant during the offseason.

3. Toad Lily: The fall is known for its mums, asters and colorful cabbage and kale.  Another beautiful purple perennial that is a must have for fall gardens, however, is toad lily.  The flowers appear like orchids with beautiful speckled petals, each one looks like it is hand-painted.  They do well in shade to part shade gardens and moist soil.  They are low maintenance plants that will return year after year and never fail to please.

4. Scaveola: This annual blooms throughout the summer, draping purple fan-flowers over pots and hanging baskets.  It can handle the heat of the summer without wilting and prefers the sunnier parts of the garden. The unique flower shapes and foliage are beautiful and add texture to any container.

5. Butterfly Bush: A classic perennial for a Midwest garden is buddleia, also known as butterfly bush. The sweet smelling flowers attract butterflies and birds alike, as well as gardeners.  There are taller and dwarf varieties that have an arching shape and make great accent plants in gardens.  Plant these in part to full sun, and will not disappoint.

Christian Goers