Top 5 White Flowers

While white is actually the absence of color, using these white flowers will add depth and beauty to every garden.

1. Hydrangea: This is a beautiful flowering shrub, that could have been placed with our favorite blue flowers as well, but there is something delicate and lovely about the classic white hydrangea. These shrubs like shadier spots in your yard, and lots of water.  There are many varieties of hydrangeas that vary in more than just color.  There is the classic large, round flowers, mopheads, lace-cap and conical shaped flower heads.  Whatever shape you go with, the beautiful large, white flowers will keep blooming all summer long, bringing bright spots to your shade garden.

2. Diamond Frost: Ask any employee at the greenhouse, and Diamond Frost Euphorbia will be one of their favorite flowers to use in containers and garden beds. This airy flower may not seem like a lot, but when combined with other flowers, it’s unique texture makes it pop.  The traditional diamond frost does best in sun, but can keep growing and blooming in shadier spots as well with the help of fertilizer.   This low-maintenance annual makes a great addition to any container.

3. Sweet Autumn Clematis: Clematis are a great perennial vine to add some vertical interest to any garden.  Sweet Autumn Clematis is one of the hardiest varieties that grows quickly in sun to part sun.  This clematis gets its name for the sweet fragrance the flowers give off as it blooms throughout the late summer and fall season.  They attract butterflies and birds and can grow quite tall. To keep them shorter, keep the vines trimmed short during the spring, and let them grow out more during the summer months so they will set their buds to bloom for you.

4. Cleome: Also known as the spider flower, cleome are a great summer annual that gives a unique texture and height to any garden.  The large ball flowers have long seedpods that give these flowers the look of having legs like a spider.  Its unique appearance will add lots of drama to containers and gardens, and it can even reseed itself to comeback the following year. For the best effect, plant a cluster of these plants in a sunny spot, and watch them grow thicker and taller throughout the summer.

5. Peony: These perennials are a favorite among gardeners.  The flowers have large, full blooms that announce “Spring has arrived!” Year after year, these flowering shrubs do not disappoint with beautiful dark foliage that lasts all season long.  They come in a variety of colors, all of which are beautiful, but the white are particularly beautiful.  Plant them in a sun to part sun area in your yard, and watch as they spread and grow year after year.

Christian Goers