Plants with Benefits

Plants add beauty to every room and every yard that they are added to, but what many people do not know is that many of these plants have health benefits as well. The following plants are the best houseplants to add to your home to purify the air and keep your home clean.

Boston Fern: Boston ferns are great for shady spots of your yard or for hanging under a porch. They also make great houseplants and clean many air pollutants that can be found in your home.  When kept indoors, Boston ferns need to be watered and fertilized regularly.  It also helps to mist their leaves. Kimberly Queen ferns, which look similar to the Boston fern but stand more upright,  These ferns can handle dryer air that many of our homes have in the winter time.






Palm Trees: There are a wide variety of palm trees that you can use in your home to help clean the air.  From the smaller varieties, like the neanthe bella palm, to the larger Emerald Palms, these all are fairly easy to care for. Palms do well in the cooler temperatures, but do need moderate to bright light.  They typically need to be watered about once a week, but check the soil to be sure it does not need it more or less often.










Rubber Plants: Rubber plants are a great houseplant for homes without a lot of light or for darker offices. While they do not need a lot of light, they can do wonders for purifying the air.  Rubber plants do, however, need water regularly.














English Ivy: This common houseplant is another great way to clean the air in your home.  It prefers a bright room and misting its leaves on a regular basis helps keep it healthy while indoors. 









Peace Lily: Peace lilies are amazing houseplants that do not need a lot of light, but are one of the few houseplants to bloom.  Peace lilies remove many VOCs that are emitted by harsh cleaning products, making it a wonderful addition to any home or office.  

Christian Goers