Introducing: Bounce Impatiens

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The past few years, shade gardeners have been having lots of trouble due to impatiens downy mildew. With having such a cold winter last year, we had hope that the disease had been eradicated. Unfortunately, the disease started to pop up again late last summer in the Midwest.

Luckily, horticulturists have created a variety of impatiens that is resistant to impatiens downy mildew called Bounce Impatiens. These impatiens look similar to New Guinea impatiens, but there are two key differences.

The first difference is in the name of these impatiens. Bounce impatiens get their name from their ability to "bounce back" from a missed watering or two, without losing blooms or buds.  The second difference is that Bounce impatiens have more of a traditional impatiens growth and flowering habit.  Bounce impatiens grow wide, filling up garden beds and containers as the classic impatiens would, as well as long bloom times and they are easy to grow.

Bounce impatiens come in cherry, lavender, lilac, red, violet and white. Just like impatiens, they need to be planted in part to full shade and need no deadheading.  

This summer, when looking for a pop of color for your shady spots in your garden, give Bounce Impatiens a try.

Christian Goers