Where Have the Impatiens Gone?


As the planting season is getting underway, many of our customers have noticed a big change--no impatiens. That's right, we have chosen not to grow the traditional impatiens this year, as the disease impatiens downey mildew has invaded our area the past few years.  

This disease spreads through the air and remains in the soil for up to five years.  By continuing to carry the traditional impatiens, we are only encouraging the disease to stick around in our gardens.  Instead, we have grown the new variety of Bounce Impatiens to use as a substitute.  These impatiens' blooms look similar to New Guinea impatiens but their growing habit is more like the traditional impatiens, growing in more of a mounding and spreading habit versus upright.

It's a tough adjustment to make for this year, but hopefully our efforts will help eliminate the diesase in the soil in our area, so that we can once again plant impatiens.

For more information on both impatiens downey mildew and Bounce impatiens, read previously written blogs that we have linked to.

Christian Goers