Watering Mistakes

We start teaching proper watering techniques at a young age at Goers.Watering. It’s a must do when it comes to plants, but somehow something so simple can go so wrong.  From watering too much to not enough, here are some of the biggest watering mistakes gardeners make.

Where You Water. Believe it or not, there is a specific way to water plants that is best for them.  Placing your watering wand at the base of the plant, underneath the leaves, is best.  Showering the leaves with water can actually cause more harm than good, not only preventing the plant from getting as much water as it needs, but sometimes leaving burn spots on the leaves.

When You Water. We’ve said it a lot in the past with the impatiens downy mildew breakout, but it goes for all plants, the best time to water plants is in the morning.  If you water plants in the evening after work, it doesn’t give them a chance soak up the water and they sit in soaking wet sopil all night, which can cause rot.  Watering plants in the middle of the day is not ideal either.  Watering in the heat of the day means that the water will evaporate before it can even reach the roots.

What You Water. Everyone has their favorite flowers, and we’re not saying to abandon any of yours, but be mindful of what you are planting and the care it needs.  If you plant a bunch of super thirsty plants, you will constantly be watering.  You also don’t want to plant a drought tolerant flower that prefers dry soil, next to something that wants to be constantly moist.  In other words, do not plant a border of sedum around a hydrangea bush.

How You Water. Seeing as we are recommending watering early in the morning, many people will set their water sprinklers to take care of the job for them.  While this can be quite helpful for getting the job done, beware! Watering your plants every day for a few minutes can actually be ineffective.  It is better to water your plants a few days a week for long periods of time than every day for a short period of time.  Watering plants for a long time allows the water to penetrate the soil deeper, giving the roots more moisture and you healthier plants.   However, if you set your sprinkler to water your plants for an hour a few days a week, be conscious of the weather.  If we have an entire day of steady rain, you don’t want your sprinkler to go on the next day.  This will oversaturate your plants and could cause more harm.

 Mulch! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: mulch! Adding a thick layer of mulch, like two to three inches deep, will not only keep the weeds down, but it will help your soil stay moist, and keep your plants from drying out. So make sure you mulch your gardens and around the bases of plants that need moist soil.  This will help save you some time when it comes to watering, and make your plants happy.




Christian Goers