Mosquito Repelling Plants

It's the peak of summer, and it's the peak of mosquitos.  There are a number of ways to keep bugs off your skin and out of your yard, and one way is by  using plants to repel them.  Here is a list of plants that you can incorporate into your garden and in containers on your deck or patio that will help keep the little nuisances away:

1.Citronella: This is a traditional plant used for repelling mosquitoes.  It is used in many repelling products and can be very successful in keeping the bugs away.

2. Marigolds: Marigolds are used for repelling rabbits and other garden critters, but these can also be used for keeping mosquitoes away as well.

3. Ageratum: This plant secretes coumarin, which is used in bu sprays to repel mosquitoes.  Planting these in your garden or container will help keep your patio bug free.

4. Catnip: Catnip has an ingredient called nepetalactone which has been found to be stronger than DEET which is used in the strongest mosquito repellants. 

5. Cedars: Cedar trees contain an oil that keeps mosquitoes and other pests away.  It is often used in mosquito and bug sprays that you buy off the shelf.


6. Bee Balm: Crushing the leaves of bee balm will send mosquitoes packing while the beautiful blooms will help attract hummingbirds and bees.  This is also a native perennial, so it is an easy one to grow in the Midwest.

7. Lavender: This is a great plant for repelling mosquitoes, as it smells so good to humans but  mosquitoes dislike them.  

8. Garlic: Not only will this scare away vampires and maybe even your goodnight kiss, but garlic will keep mosquitoes away.  For it to be effective, the key is to cut it up and sprinkle it throughout your outdoor living space.

9. Pitcher Plant: This is a carniverous plant, much like the Venus fly trap, that loves to eat mosquitoes.  Plant these in your garden and not only repel mosquitoes

10. Scented Geranium: Scented geraniums are very similar to citronella plants.  They come in a variety of scents and do best when the leaves are crushed to emit a stronger smell.

All of these plants have a stronger fragrance, which is one reason it can help keep the mosquitoes at bay.keep your outdoor living Try incorporating these into some of your container mixes this year to  keep your outdoor living space livable. 

Christian Goers