Spotlight On: Campanula

Scientific Name: Campanula

Common Name: Bellflower

Plant Type: Perennial

Light: Part Sun, Sun

Height: 6 inches to 3 feet

Bloom Color: Blue, Pink, White 

Bloom Time: Spring to Summer

Campanula, or bellflower, are beautiful flowers that add bright blue and white to any garden.  The flowers are large but delicate looking, bell-shaped flowers, hence the nickname.  There are several different varieties of campanula, all with the signautre flower, but with different growing habits.  There is a short variety that makes a beautiful groundcover in the garden, while the taller varieties are gret accents in a perennial garden. 

For best flower production, campanula will need mostly to full sun with well-drained soil.  They are drought tolerant once the plants are established well. They are very low maintenance plants that can tolerate colder climates quite well. They will need to be deadheaded in order to make the flowers last longer.

Christian Goers