Spotlight On: Gomphrena

Buddy Purple GomphrenaGomphrena

Scientific Name: Globe amaranth

Common Name: Gomphrena, Buddy Purple

Plant Type: Annual

Sun: Sun

Water:  Moderate

Bloom Time:  Summer

Bloom Color: Red, Orange, White, Pink, Purple

Height:  8 inches to 2 feet

Gomphrena is a favorite among the designers at the greenhouse. The buddy purple’s bright blooms add pops of color while the unique texture of the flower adds depth to any container garden.

Gomphrena thrives in the summer heat, blooming throughout the summer and attracting butterflies all season long. The globe-like flowers look like little pom-poms and are great for cutting and drying.

The Buddy variety of gomphrena are a dwarf variety, growing to be about 8 inches tall.  There are also taller varieties available and the ever popular Strawberry Fields variety that is a red-orange color. The various colors and heights available make it great for borders, gardens or containers.

Gomphrena wants a mostly sunny area and it is drought tolerant, making it a great choice for xeriscaping and low maintenance gardens.

Strawberry Fields Gomphrena

Christian Goers