Spotlight On: Licorice


Scientific Name: Helichrysum petiolare

Common Name: Licorice

Plant Type: Annual

Sun: Sun

Water:  Moderate

Bloom Time:  Summer

Foliage Color: Silver, Lemon yellow, Lime green, Variegated

Height:  1 to 3 feet

Despite its common name, this has nothing to do with the delicious candy that we all love to snack on during summer road trips.  Licorice plant is a beautiful vine used in container gardening during the summer months.  It’s silver fuzzy foliage adds a new pop of color to pots, breaking away from the usual green leaves of most plants.

Plant licorice in a sunnier area, with well-drained soil, and it will fill in and happily trail down your pots as the perfect “spiller.” Licorice comes in a few different varieties, some with a lemon-lime color for their foliage and others a variegated with different shades of green on each leaf, but they are all the unique fuzzy leaf that licorice is known for.

Licorice can be a great plant to use in fall planters, especially around Halloween, as the grey color looks great with the deep purples and blues used to create spooky pot.

Christian Goers