Celebrating 50 Years in the Goers Family

With 2016 just starting out, Vern Goers Greenhouse is happy to celebrate 50 years of business here in Hinsdale.

The Goers family woud like to take this chance to thank our wonderful customers for helping us reach this huge milestone in our business. For those of you who do not know our story, the Goers family has been in the greenhouse business for four generations.  Phillip Goers, his wife Karen, his son Christian and daughter Sarah currently manage the greenhouse.

Vern Goers grew up working at his father's greenhouse in La Grange, IL.  He eventually went on to start a business of his own and he purchased a small greenhouse in Hinsdale, IL.  The property consisted of a house and three glass greenhouses that were originally built in 1919.  More greenhouses have been added around the original three, since the Goers Family took over in 1966.

With 50 years under our belt, it is always fun to look back at where we came from. Here are a few older photos, and there are new ones posted every Thursday on our Facebook page.

Thanks again and here's to another 50 years!

An early photo of the original greenhouseVern with his poinsettias

A young Phil in the front field

Phil & Vern taking a break in the kitchen

The 4th Generation from left to Right: Kim, Christian & Christian transplanting with Grandpa Vern

Sarah watering our geraniumsThe 5th Generation working hard with Grandpa Phil

Christian Goers