Looking Ahead to 2016


      It's the time of year when everyone starts making their resolutions and planning ahead for the next year.  In the gardening world, we're doing the same thing.  Here are a few things to look out for in 2016:

      Each year, the National Garden Bureau (NGB) predicts an annual, bulb, vegetable and perennial to be showcased. The selected plants are chosen for their popularity, versatility, and simplicity. NGB is predicting 2016 to be the Year of the Carrot, the Year of the Begonia, the Year of the Delphinium and the Year of the Allium.  All of these have not only been popular for years, but are great plants to grow in our Midwest conditions.

      Pantone chooses a Color of the Year each year, being a color that will be seen in fashion, interior decorating, and even gardening.  This year, Pantone has chosen two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz is a pastel pink tone and when mixed with the gentle, airy blue Serenity, the colors give a sense of peace.

     The Garden Media Group releases a trend report every year that specifically focuses on trends in gardening for the next year. One of the big trends they see for 2016 is syncing technology with gardening.  From using apps on your phone to new digital tools to sharing your garden on social media, technology is definitely growing into an important part of the gardening experience.

     Part of this technology will also help get the next generation involved in gardening. Increasing children’s participation in gardening and knowledge of gardening is another trend to look for 2016.   

     The Garden Media Group also predicts berries being the next big thing when it comes to edible gardening.  Planting these antioxidant filled & nutritious snacks near your kitchen will give you something new to munch on fresh from the garden. Whether it’s berries or native grasses, planting with a purpose will be a big trend in 2016 as well. Each plant in your garden plays a role in its environment. From pollinators to plants that help with soil retention, creating a garden that supports your natural ecosystem is going to be increasing in popularity.

    Finally, the Garden Media Group’s last prediction for 2016 is an increase in petscaping. Many gardeners have dogs and cats that are members of their family, so creating an outdoor space that is friendly for them will be a resolution for the year.  Creating outdoor pet-friendly sanctuaries by using pet-friendly plants and less chemicals wil give your four-legged friend a place to enjoy.

Whether you start a new trend in 2016, or continue to grow your usual garden, spring cannot come soon enough!

Christian Goers