2016: Year of the Delphinium

Each year, the National Garden Bureau (NGB)selects an annual, bulb, vegetable and perennial to be showcased. The selected plants are chosen for their popularity, versatility, and simplicity. NGB is predicting 2016 to be the Year of the Carrot, the Year of the Begonia, the Year of the Delphinium and the Year of the Allium.  All of these have not only been popular for years, but are great plants to grow in our Midwest conditions.

Delphiniums are beautiful perennials known for their tall spikes of bold, beautiful flowers.  Also known more commonly as larkspur, these plants do wonderfully in a full-sun area in your garden that has well drained, evenly moist soil.  The tall spikes of flowers will add height, texture and lots of interest to your yard.

While the blue delphiniums are the most popular, they also come in red, pink, violet, white and yellow. These low maintenance perennials will give you lots of color without needing too much care and maintenance.  They do well in cooler climates, not hot and humid areas, so our zone 5 climate is perfect for these beautiful perennials.

Christian Goers