Early Buds


With the record temperatures this past week, it gives many gardeners a lot of hope....but unfortunately we have some cold temperatures returning this weekend, and if any of your early spring flowers were getting a jump start like mine, you will need to protect them.

Much like these daffodils, any plants you have close to your home may have started the spring growing process. From looking around my yard, I noticed mums with a bit of green at their base, a peony starting to sprout and these daffodils. While I love seeing these signs of spring, it is important to keep an eye on the calendar, and on the forecast.  With it being only mid-February, there is a good chance we will see freezing temperatures and even snow again.

With the peony and mums not having too much growth started, these can easily be protected with a little extra mulch piled on top of where I saw the sprouts.  The daffodils, however, are well on their way. A cloth might help, but I don't want to crush the buds in any way. So the best solution is to take a bucket or empty milk carton, and place this over the plants whenever the temperatures drop below freezing.  At night, and even during a cold and windy day, it is best to keep these protected to save your spring flowers from being spoiled before the season gets up and running.

If you love seeing the bits of green and feeling the warm temperatures as much as we do, be sure to stop in and take a stroll through our glass greenhouses, where it's always hot and there's always something blooming!

Christian Goers