Fall is for Planting

Despite the fact that the growing season is coming to an end, what with winter getting closer (I know, it’s terrible), it is important to remember that it is not over yet!

Fall is a great time to plant. And I’m not just talking about planting the perennials that have been sitting in their containers you bought them in last May, but planting new perennials and bulbs for next year and replacing annuals that are a little too tender for cool autumn nights.

First, one of the most important things to remember to plant now, is your spring bulbs.  If you don’t get them in the ground this fall, you’ll miss your chance to have tulips, hyacinths, crocus, daffodils and more pop up in your yard next spring. 

It’s also a great time to think back to the flowers you saw last spring, blooming in gardens that you wanted to plant.  One we get asked about a lot in the spring is scilla.  Scilla is the small blue flower that spreads and blooms like a groundcover.  Every spring we have customers looking for these flowers and we have to tell them that they will have to wait until the fall to plant them as they are a spring bulb.

Fall is a great time to plant and divide perennials as well. The weather is cooling off, so there will be less stress on the plant to adapt to your garden.  It is important to keep new plants well-watered, t help them establish roots and settle in the ground.  With rainy fall days, you won’t have to water as much as you do in the summer. 

Finally, it’s the perfect time to replace the summer annuals with cool weather annuals.  Popping in an ornamental kale or pepper, a mum or a pansy, will give you splashes of color in your containers all the way until the holidays.

Christian Goers