2019 Gardening Trends

As 2018 comes to a close, we are already growing for next spring and planning ahead for the next year.  In the gardening world, there are a few things to look out for in 2019:

Each year, the National Garden Bureau (NGB) predicts an annual, bulb, edible and perennial to be showcased. The selected plants are chosen for their popularity, versatility, and simplicity. NGB has named 2019 to be the Year of the Snapdragon, the Year of the Dahlia, the Year of the Pumpkin and the Year of the Salvia nemorosa.  All of these have not only been popular for years, but are great plants to grow in our Midwest conditions.

Pantone announced its 2019 Color of the Year at the beginning of December, with this color that will be being seen in fashion, interior decorating, and even gardening.  This year Pantone named PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral to be the Color of the Year. This color not only emits energizing aspects of color found in nature, but its vividness mesmerizes the eye and mind.

The next year will bring gardening and houseplants indoors. Garden Media Group reports that Americans spend 93% of their day enclosed indoors or in vehicles. With so little time spent outdoors, especially during the winter months, we need to bring some of the benefits from the outdoors inside. With a variety of health benefits from green houseplants and the increased popularity in succulents, terrariums and cactus, there is no reason not to bring these into your own home.

Bringing the outdoors indoors is just one of the trends looking to benefit the environment. Giving back with gardening is another trend. From creating a wildlife habitat and pollinators paradise in your yard, to donating surplus produce you grow to local food banks, there is a lot you can do without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Gardening with kids will be a large trend in 2019, teaching them not only how to grow their own food, but how to care for the wildlife around them. From teaching kids how to plant gardens to benefit pollinators who need plants and flowers to survive, to allowing them to pick out seeds, plant them, and then harvest their crop, children will learn the importance of and rewards from turning off the screens and getting outdoors.

Perhaps everyone’s favorite trend for 2019 is low maintenance gardening. From planting drought tolerant plants to native species who do not need too much help to flourish in your garden, low maintenance gardening will help take some of the work out of your garden in 2019.

Whether you start a new trend in 2019, or continue to grow your usual garden, I think we can all agree that spring cannot come soon enough!

Kim Boyer