Shopping at Goers 101

As the busy season is upon us, we want to share some tips for getting the best experience of shopping at Goers Greenhouse. There are definitely times during the months of May and June when we are so busy we are not able to step away from the sales areas and assist customers with making their purchases. We extend our hours during the season to accommodate more customers each day, and encourage you to take advantage of these extended hours. During the week, we are generally less busy than on the weekends. The morning and evening hours are the best times to be able to get one-on-one service for plant selection or designing a container garden.

Don’t forget about soil! When you are checking out, you can tell your salesperson what soil, mulch or soil additive (i.e. mushroom compost) that you need and they can add it in to your total. Then while loading your car, they will grab it. This will save them a trip and be sure to get some trunk liners to protect your vehicle.

We have a variety of carts available for customers to use while shopping. During the busy times, we encourage you to use these over just placing items on a table as these tables fill up with people checking out.

Finally, we want to give you a lay of the land, to help you find what you need at our greenhouse. The following map uses the names of the various areas that you will hear our staff use, as well as what you can find in each of those areas. Hopefully these tricks will help make your trip to the greenhouse a little bit smoother and allow you the best experience during your garden shopping.

Ghosue Map.png
Kim Boyer