With autumn comes cool weather, but warm, earth tones in flowers.  This season is known for its beautiful mums, pansies, cabbage, kale, ornamental peppers, asters, pumpkins, gourds and so much more. At Vern Goers Greenhouse we carry all of the fall necessities from bulbs to corn-stalks and from Indian Corn to straw bales.  We also have indoor mums, decorations, and fall gifts to bring the warmth of the season into your home.

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This is also the time to prep your garden for next year's growing season.  Plant any spring bulbs that you want now, so you can have touches of color early on next year.  That includes tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, scilla and alliums.  Be sure to pick up bulb planters, hand trowels and other tools to make the job easier.  Add compost, bone meal and other additives to your soil now so that it can give nutrients to the soil all winter long and produce healthier plants next year.